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Chicago Works: Assaf Evron

For this exhibition, Assaf Evron creates an immersive environment that spans from wall to wall and features the ‘meander,’ a decorative motif based on the natural curves of rivers and streams found since ancient times. The meander runs across continents, cultures, and styles of design, and connects several works in the exhibition. Evron traces how different forms of decorative design meander and meet as images across the world, accruing new cultural significance in each collision.

Assaf Evron, Untitled (Sodom and Gomorrah), 2018. Pigment print; 40 × 40 in.
Assaf Evron, Untitled (13 Hess St./17 Bar Ilan St., Herzliya), 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.
Assaf Evron, Untitled (Zedekiah’s Cave), 2017 as part of On the Wall: Assaf Evron at Providence College Galleries. Image courtesy the artist and Providence College Galleries. Photo: Erik Gould.