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Chicago Architecture Biennial Pin-Up Exhibitions


The Biennial Pin-Up Space is located in the Welcome Center of the Biennial Resource Hub just off the Randolph entrance of the Chicago Cultural Center. This community-focused exhibition space is supported by the generosity of the National Endowment for the Arts and features a rotating gallery of temporary exhibitions.

October 1 - October 6
Disruptive Design
AIA Chicago
The Disruptive Design competition asked architects to design a new prototype for affordable housing.

October 8 - October 13
Canopy / architecture + design pieces together the process and perceptions of affordable housing.

October 15 - October 24
R/Evolution of the Chicago Neighborhood 
Chicago Zoning: partner or adversary? A critique on current zoning policies through the lens of the under-served community affected.

October 26 - October 29
University of Pécs, Metropolitan State University of Denver
We All Need a Home_Lakni Kell showcases works by international students tackling housing equity.

October 31 - November 7
School of Architecture Art and Design Tecnologico de Monterrey
Pilsen and Little Village Explorations showcases research on the socio-spatial practices of Chicago's Latino communities.  

November 9 - November 20
The University of Illinois School of Architecture - Chicago Studio presents The Chicago Nolli Project, which explores city block structure's public, semi-public and private realms.

November 9 - November 20
Chicago Affordable Housing Design Guidelines by University of Illinois Urbana Champaign/Chicago Studio/Kevin Hinders, which was created for Chicago Planning by the 2018 Fall Chicago Studio.

November 22 - November 25
University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Architecture and Design - Plus Pod - Housing of Optimized Minimums will overview a portable unit designed to optimize comfortable group living.

November 27 - December 13
The Available City Collective Space Workshop - MLK District Garden will feature a collection of gateways and gathering spaces in the MLK District Garden for a 2020 exposition on collective space.  

December 16 - December 21
BEYOND UNSEEN: Observes how our emotions and experiences are tied to the spaces of Chicago through axonometric representation. 

December 30 - January 4
University of Chicago 
A look at the common residential buildings and neighborhood-specific infill housing of Chicago and a presentation of fragments from a collaborative atlas of Chicago.