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Lost Houses of Lyndale Walking Tour


On Lyndale Street, between California and Kedzie, many families are selling their homes to developers building new condominiums. The Lost Houses of Lyndale project creates portraits of these missing houses and uncovers the stories of people who lived in these homes over the past 130 years. On the tour, artist Matt Bergstrom will share his art and research so participants will be able to reimagine the lost history of the street through stories and images of the houses and their inhabitants.

2818&nbsp;W Lyndale<br />&copy;MattBergstrom
3036 W Lyndale<br />&copy;MattBergstrom
2912&nbsp;W Lyndale<br />&copy;MattBergstrom
2910&nbsp;W Lyndale<br />&copy;MattBergstrom