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Remember Where You Are


This exhibition presents work by four emerging artists — Jimmy James Canales, Jenelle Esparza, Melissa Leandro, and Emilio Rojas — who use performance, sculpture, and textiles to make visible untold narratives of heritage and place, while questioning practices of exclusion and erasure.

Jimmy James Canales, Remember Where You Are, 2014. Performance and documentation. Courtesy of the artist.
Emilio Rojas, The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s Monuments, 2018. Photograph. Courtesy of the artist.
Melissa Leandro, Untitled, 2018. Mid-century canvas chair, wood, woven cloth, dye. Courtesy of the artist. © Ian Vecchiotti
Melissa Leandro, Navy Drift (detail), 2018. Jacquard woven cloth, dye, foil, linen, stitching. Courtesy of the artist. © Ian Vecchiotti
Jenelle Esparza, Mezcla II, 2016. Raw cotton, cotton seeds. Courtesy of the artist.
Jenelle Esparza, Lucre, 2017. Handmade cotton paper. Courtesy of the artist.
Jimmy James Canales, Value Life and Living, 2014. Photograph. Courtesy of the artist and Artpace San Antonio. © Mark Menjivar