Tigerman Rides Again is a presentation of drawings celebrating the legacy and life of the renowned architect, Stanley Tigerman. 

After a hiatus from his daily drawing practice, Stanley Tigerman picked up his pen and his moleskin notebook in January 2019. He began creating images that harkened back to his early paintings and moved away from the drawings he made to express, explore, and develop ideas on architecture throughout his over five decade-long practice. While he is known for his lively and often colorful collages of buildings and cartoons, these black and white drawings revert to another time. The works produce optical illusions and align with his paintings from the 60’s that reveal influences of his former Yale professor, Josef Albers. Tigerman first created sketches that began to disrupt the plane and later morphed to open-ended explorations. The shifting black and white square-like shapes create movement and an undulating surface that, given his life-long commitment and passion for architecture, can easily be read as spaces for the far away worlds he was constructing. These works are not only a shift away from the practice which established Tigerman as an influential figure in postmodernism but also mark a moment of exploration, reflection, and an end to his physical life in this world.

Tigerman Rides Again showcases the last 28 drawings by the architect. 


<em>Untitled (1965),&nbsp;</em>Image courtesy of Volume Gallery