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1st Place | Container House by Jaime Morales

The facility's main purpose is for it to be a way for immigrants to feel safe in their neighborhoods. The area that I have selected is predominantly made up of minorities, cases show in 2018 that about %9 of people, whether they be older or less than 18 years old, stated that they were present without a green card and stayed because that's how the immigrants survived. This is a very high number compared to the entire population of 91,644! I know many people who suffer because they can't do most of the things that would be normal for any other citizen, for example, file for financial aid for college or apply to most scholarships but they can't because of one simple thing, a green car My building comes in to ensure that the people who are in the area feel safer. This place is dedicated to helping out immigrants in any way shape or form, whether it be sheltering them, assisting them to get there a green card or citizenship, or even explaining their options in order to move on in the future and chose the best decision for them. Young people will most likely volunteer to help because they also, know people who suffer from the same unfortunate problem, they know what it's like to have that label on you. We will offer a sort of partnership with schools so we could get funds and also be a primary source for undocumented students who need help getting a green card. My building is the best choice because it offers tons of free space, rooms that can hold meetings and be completely private, or the open space in the recreation area in the middle, or on top of the building where it could a group meeting!