Learn / BP Competition / Project

2nd Place | AstroVision by Dajanae Barbee, Sherwanna Liddel, Angelus Garay, Jayla Reese, Breanna Pitts

AstroVision is a Young Black Scientist Collective who seeks to build an augmented reality that provides Black teens with opportunities in advanced technology. There is a low percentage of Black Astrophysicists, Black Technicians, and Black Scientists in general and we want to change this. (Young black people will see our change, get interested and want to be apart of the change we make.) We want to focus on new ways for people to express themselves with advanced technology in the future while learning and getting interested in the factors of what AstroVision is about. We chose to present a sketched prototype of our newly invented communication tool because we want teens to enhance their understanding of what the technology might be and how it could expand an understanding of furthering communication and learning.