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Blackstone Barks by Sandra Varona

The South Side and the North Side have an unequal amount of resources. One example is dog facilities. According to the Chicago Park District, the North Side has 23 dog parks but the South Side only has one. The lack of dog facilities in the South Side excludes dogs from the health care that they should be provided with. Many dog specialists (surgeons, pet store, or veterinarian) are located unevenly throughout Chicago which is alarming. Dog owners who live in the South Side must travel large distances in order to arrive at a dog clinic. Even if it's an emergency where a dog is at risk of death. Some dogs may die because their health conditions are too severe to wait. A lot of dog facilities may locate in the North Side because the area may be sophisticated and includes surgeons, a park, a store, and even therapy for dogs, dogs can easily access health care all in one place. On a side note, Chicago has a serious issue relating to how urban renewal within different communities happens. The South Side has a lot of urban decay and therefore, the economy may be unbalanced for them, which in turn, they pay less taxes to the city. The Chicago Tribune says that each of Chicago's alderman receives $1.3 million per year to spend on infrastructure but that it's not enough for necessary things such as street, sidewalk, and light improvements and that residents in the South still want the dog parks. There's more urban decay in the South because of the amount of infrastructure and because many people have moved out. In return, many of the communities try to sustain themselves with the little profit earned from businesses and pay a very little amount of taxes. Although they pay taxes, the alderman is responsible to decide how the budget is spent. And as seen, the aldermen spend these on unneeded amenities rather than on things which can become useful to a community. The chosen medium is the best way to represent my submission since it demonstrates the relationship between the dog park and the dog clinic, which is what this dog facility includes. My handwritten design demonstrates how the services offered in the dog facility come together to provide health care. For instance, the dog therapy section comes together with the park because it's a way for dogs to not just stay inside, but also interact with other healthy dogs outside, creating a welcoming environment. This helps dogs cope with their illnesses by having buddies who support them. Also, the store included comes together with the general check-ups offered. People who enter the clinic can then go and have fun with their dog outside and the dog can receive some snacks that are specially designed for them.