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1st Place | Blackwell Hospital by Jessica Chaidez

The community of Ashburn needs a hospital because of crime, employment, and not enough benefits. In Ashburn, there hasn't been much change in crimes and shootings. It also isn't the worst community with crime, but there is still violence and shootings every year. Ashburn has a low crime rate compared to the large concentrations found in Chicago, yet the few areas that do have crime in Ashburn can be worked on. Currently, there are no large hospitals in this community, and the hospitals around Ashburn are sparsely put. Due to this, higher mortality rates are seen that could have been prevented if the victim had a few more minutes in the hospital. In Chicago, about half of the 20-21-year-olds are not employed, and there is a large number of mixed races being unemployed. If Blackwell Hospital is added to a community, they can bring many benefits. This hospital can offer volunteer opportunities to help patients. Blackwell can fund programs for many things like obesity and proper health care, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, etc., and also support local schools and businesses. It can provide more job opportunities in the community. Blackwell can also supply great health care to all the people with and without the ability to pay. It can also help patients with all kinds of addictions by offering programs to get them on the right path. Blackwell Hospital can study new diseases to advance medicine to give better care. This hospital can additionally help supply volunteer services. Ashburn's mortality rates can go down by providing a hospital in the community according to the British Medical Journal. The distance from a hospital plays a life or death situation. If it's close, you will have a greater chance of surviving. Ultimately, having a hospital in your community offers great job opportunities to the people and can reduce the number of unemployed. Having the Blackwell Hospital in Ashburn can have a positive effect on the community and also offer many things. It will reduce the crimes and mortalities, provided more job opportunities for the people of the community, and supply them with helpful programs/ public services. Unfortunately, many people do die every year, but this gives Ashburn the chance to bring life back and not stop striving. I made a video so I can properly explain what exactly I did to design Blackwell Hospital. It also gave me the opportunity to speak about how it can benefit the community of Ashburn. Hopefully, overall it provided a stronger explanation of my design within the model as well on what I designed on SketchUp.