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Chicago International Climate Change Center by Daniel Morales

Climate change has been affecting Earth for decades, causing alarming irreversible damages.The mentality of deferring action and disbelief towards this issue is what has allowedus to reach this point. Enough talk and speculation have occurred, real tangiblechange needs to be enacted. By developing this center, research, learning, and growingfacilities will be created, while taking and redeveloping the $300 Million state burden.Also, The Thompson Center’s atrium will serve as a venue for climate gatherings andeven concerts. These eco-friendly concerts could attract international celebrities andinfluencers with internet communities consisting of millions of people, inciting an unprecedentedreaction from young people around the globe. YouTubers have proved thisnotion feasible before. The innovative and conscientious use of cross-laminated timberand solar panels on the 2000 ft observation tower’s facade in conjunction with the boldand dynamic redeveloped Thompson Center will make a global statement; attracting internationalscientists, researchers, groups, tourists, and volunteering teens to the facility.Consolidating Chicago’s position at the forefront of climate action. The new rooftoppark will serve as a unique public park in the loop. The revenue generated from the centerwill be predominantly used towards sustaining the facility and funding climate initiativesand events. I chose to utilize a Sketchup to Twinmotion workflow, allowing fordetailed renders to present the viability of the center. The state’s increased budgetcould provide new resources for dealing with other ongoing issues the city faces such asviolence, education, affordable housing, pensions, and more. Climate change isn’t an issueof the future, it is an issue we must address today.