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Eco Friendly Park for Kids with Disabilities by Sadie Smith and Lily Gonzalez

For this project we decided to make a park that was safe for the environment and a playground for kids with disabilities. Some kids with disabilities don't like certain colors or noises, and some disabilities kids cannot move as well as others. We want to create a park that they can forget that are different and have fun and play. This empty space can be turned into this sanctuary for children with disabilities and will help save our planet. By being built with mainly recyclable materials.We want to reuse materials that have been used before into something greater. The park equipment cannot always be made of recyclable materials, so we decided to go with environment friendly materials. Instead of using wood chips that are made of cut down and shredded trees, we would use grounded up tire as the flooring. Our goal in this project is to help make the children that have disabilities happy and our planet happy. In the Chicagoland area there are not enough parks for children that have disabilities. Some kids need a place where they can have fun and fit in and some people to fit in better with people like that are like them. We want to bring together all of the children with disabilities in the Chicagoland area to a place where they can play and the parents know their children are safe. Parents can be worried about their children we also want to build a place for them to know that we made this sanctuary for their children and for the adults, we want them to have fun. We are fixing the needs of the community by creating the park, and making a sanctuary for children that have disabilities and creating park that help use all of the used materials and helping our planet and help influence people in communities and park district to make their parks Eco- Friendly too. We want to have these kids as happy as possible and make friends, because every kid deserves to be happy and have friends and a place to play and feel safe. No one at this park will be judged. This might not be on the top priority list in the Chicagoland area, but this one of the many other needs that will help the special needs community. This park would mean so much to families and kids that have disabilities all over the Chicagoland area. We think that this medium is the best way to submit our submission because it would be the best way to present our idea and share it to other people. We want families to come from all over to let their child play at our park. We chose this medium because we want to show what we want to do, show our plans, or materials, and to share our idea that we want to build a park that anyone with any disability can come here no matter what. We chose this medium to tell you our idea.