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Homeless Houses by Rasa Keenan Braswell

There is an empty lot across the alley behind our houses. recently it was closed off because we didn't like strangers using it. I've used it as inspiration for where Houses could be placed and provide homeless people with the necessities to recover and receive help.

Often times, on my way to or from school there will be a few homeless people that walk down the alleys so often we see them as friends. instead of having them scrounge through trash, these houses would be shared and allow a start to getting stable enough jobs. Each house would have 4 units. Each shared by 2 people and a total of 10 houses can fit in the lot. 1 house is equivalent to 2 of the houses on the other side of the alley way

I use the program called 'Home By Me'. I could use precise tools to get a rough idea of what I wanted in my browser since I have only a chrome book which limits apps. unfortunately I can't show the full outside and the inside was not furnished, but I've labeled each room and started with the interior design. digital seems easiest as I was using the sit before I heard about the competition and had immediate free access to it. even if the interior is limited due to it being made by a French company.

Project Location