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HPS Speak Out Center by The Masai Intellectuals: Adriana Hardin, Jordyn Posada,and Boubacar Seck

A minority, according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is a person or group that displaysdiffering characteristics from others in society. Due to these characteristics,they often experience forms mistreatment. African-Americans, Hispanics, Christians,Muslims, and women make up the small percentage of minority groups found in theworld. No matter what these people go through, they all experience forms of discrimination,segregation, or stigma. However, expressing these emotions allow people to feelcloser to each other, relieving their stress that the world brings upon them. Our platformportrays the idea of putting yourself in front of others, not holding back your opinions,and sharing your story.

The three of us had begun talking about what we wanted our project to represent. Manyideas were shared, such as gun violence, police brutality, women’s roles, segregation, refugees,and immigration struggles. However, we did not want to create a place where onlya portion of people could communicate. We wanted to create a space where all minoritiescould reach out to one another. The design is strongly based on geometric representation.Triangles are seen in our everyday lives, and all of them represent some formof time. We chose to build the building into a triangle because they represent climbingover obstacles and pointing to a new future. We chose to build our event building in theshape of a triangle to depict how minorities have climbed over obstacles like mountains,and have reached a point of solidarity among each other. We also chose to make thebuilding completely see-through with two large glass windows to show how we are notafraid of hiding anything from the world and how we want to show society that changecan spread through peace rather than violence.