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Life Changers United // Moral Justice by Jeremiah Goodman, Christopher Lee, Markiya O’Neal,Lacharia Reasnover, Kenari Seals, and Tamara Wright

Teenagers are being affected by gun violence and there seems to be minimum moralsupport provided. This is important to us because we know teenagers who have traumaticexperiences with Chicago’s daily shootings. It’s very common for teenagers to haveunstable or non-existent relationships with family, mentors and friends, this makes itdifficult for a supportive space to be provided. The platform we want to create is an organizationthat provides for the youth in the city of Chicago. This includes valuable toolsto cope with the continuous trauma that takes place in many of our neighborhoods. Thespace will be a place where teens can gain mentors and learn to express themselves.We are Life Changers United Moral Justice (LCUMJ). We are a group of seniors in highschool in the CCIE program who have chosen to focus on helping solve the continuoustraumatic stress disorder that impacts many inner city youth by using restorative justicetechniques. Some of us have experienced gun violence first hand and we have foundhealing through various restorative outlets. We seek to impact other teens who haverecently been shot or witnessed friends get shot by sharing restorative justice tools tohelp them cope with the trauma of gun violence. Ultimately, we hope to LCUMJ becomesa prominent organization in our city. We strive to create a peaceful and restorative mentoringgroup for teens, run by teens, to help youth acquire coping skills to deal with continuoustraumatic stress from past and present events. We chose The new paper articlebecause it’s an example how teens are affected by gun violence. We chose other photosto show the faces of our project and to show what we plan to become.