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Planet B by Angela Ponce Solano

My issue is climate change and the effects it has on our world. It’s important to me because,unfortunately like other young people, I will have to endure the damages humanshave imposed on the earth. Humans are already experiencing droughts, flooding, heatwaves, sea level risings, and fires. Young people are the future and we need to understandhow to create a more sustainable environment if we want to better the world. Myproject Planet B is a pavilion that inspires people to engage in conversations about theextinction of world species and their environment. My chosen medium was mainly chipboardfor the architectural model. As people approach, they are welcomed by the gatelike the structures that represent fire. The curves of the gate represent the fires thatare burning up the earth. When people want to rest, they can head towards the centerof the seating area. The seating areas are to be designed with blocks: each representinga species lost to extinction. It isn’t until the people get to the stage that the concept allties together. The steps to the stage have a fluid shape with each level rising up and gettingsmaller. These steps represent the sea levels that are rising around the world andthe smaller size of the ice caps on the earth. Regardless of where people turn, they willbe constantly reminded of the destruction that is going on. The urgency of this mattershould never leave their minds just like the ideas on how to fix it. Planet B Pavilion doesn’tonly serve as a reminder of the effects of the issue but also as a platform for groups andorganizations who care to speak freely of the matter day or night. For this reason, thereare solar panels that line the rooftop to power cooling on sunny days as well as heatingand lighting on chilly nights.