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The Falling Woodlands by Linnea Jones

The issue that I chose is to focus on is deforestation. This is important to me because itis an important ecosystem that helps sustain our earth, but also because they let peoplereconnect with the natural world. For me, hiking and being in the woods provides a greatchance for reflection and for me to admire the natural world. Deforestation causesthe use of more fossil fuels and more pollution. The forests right now are naturally untouchedand provide a natural beauty that is hard to find. The pavilion I designed providesa chance for young people to reflect on their connection with the natural world.The minimalist design on the inside provides a view of the bare natural world. With thetaller trees on one side and the shorter fallen trees on the other, it is representing thedeforestation of the trees. My goal is for people to be in the pavilion and realize that deforestationis affecting all of our forests and to take action to protect our forests.

A pavilion is the best way to present my submission about deforestation because it providesa visual of what is happening in our forests. The slope of the roof and the positionof the trees shows how they are falling due to our corporate greed. The largest treesrepresent the oldest trees in our forests that sustain us, and the mid-sized trees representthe new growth of our forest. However, the fallen trees represent the trees thatare being cut down. A visual representation of this scale provides time for young peopleto reflect and see what they can do to help the forests. This space provides room for interpretationas every visitor will be entering with their own set of experiences.