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The Nest by Fionn Hui

In Chinatown, there are few places to express ideas and raise awareness through art. Arecent issue that has been brought up are the Hong Kong protests, a controversial issueto many. Many have already heard of the protests, but the global message is an importanttopic to discuss in youth. Not only is this issue important to me, but for the rest ofthe Chinatown community as well. The fight for democracy and freedom of expression isstill fought for around the world. During the Umbrella Movement in 2014, citizens usedumbrella structures and written messages to fight for their freedom of expression inHong Kong. The artwork they have created in Hong Kong displays how a public space forpeople to interact and display ideas is necessary. A public gallery space in Ping Tom Parkwill promote engagement over social issues and events in a collaborative and safe way.Once a visitor enters the gallery, they are welcomed by the reception desk. Exploringthe gallery and interactional art, the circular form of the space allows visitors to flow indifferent directions, but around the entire area. Towards the back of the gallery, there isa community room for discussions and youth talks. Also a multi-purpose room, the communityroom can be used by youth to create installations and art collaboratively. Thephysical model I have built shows the flow and structure of how the public can move inthe space. Similar to a nest, the inner courtyard serves as a safe communal natural environment.While the gallery stands out with a unique shape, it also blends with the surroundingenvironment with its wooden roof and clear windows. With spaces allowingyouth in Chinatown and Chicago to express their voices, they will continue to be moreinvolved in social issues.