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The Royal Haus by John Babatunde, Brooklynn Daniels, A’lona Davis and Angela Hall

There are LGBTQ teens in the city of Chicago that are being abused, misplaced, and disowned.At times, the LGBTQ community seems to turn against each other and focus ondifferences rather than similarities. The Royal Haus is a social venture dedicated to providinga safe space for the LGBTQ teen community that will ultimately create the firstteen Ballroom Competition in the city of Chicago. We are going to let our inner beastout on the dance floor. The issue is LGBTQ teens in Chicago have nowhere to go for supportand health I also feel the LGBTQ youth are being invisible in the world they feelboxed all the talent they have through dance it should be known. This is important to mebecause I want people to change there view on the LGBTQ youth in Chicago. That’s why Icreated The Royal Haus to be a ballroom safe-space for the LGBTQ youth in Chicago. Weare an organization that encourages LGBTQ youth by boosting their confidence and providinga safe space away from violence.