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Zari’s Roller Skating Rink by Azari Miller

The neighborhood that I chose to put my building in is West Englewood. My structureis a roller skating rink. In West Englewood, among other communities, there is a lot ofviolence caused by individual or group differences. The reason I chose to design a skatingrink is to bring the broken parts of bonds with people back together with fun. Thisis a problem basically among teens and I think a roller skating rink is a really positiveway to solve this problem. I think that connecting with people that go through thesame issues as you and being able to bond with those people makes you loosen up. Themain issue among teens is violence. Violence honestly brings separation among teens.I want my project to impact teens by putting their differences aside and combiningtheir similarities. I think that by increasing more fun spaces for to get involved in willbring many bonds to the table.