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Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

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Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum draws upon the legacy of international peace activist and feminist, Jane Addams, and other social reformers who lived and worked alongside their immigrant neighbors to create social change on the Near West Side of Chicago.


The Museum is located in two of the original buildings: the Hull Home (now a National Historic Landmark) and the Residents Dining Hall. The Museum connects the histories of the Hull-House Settlement to present-day social justice issues. Exhibitions and public programs highlight histories of activism, progressive education and democratic principles of participation and exchange.


A new, site-specific work from Tania Bruguera and Alistair Hudson of Asociación de Arte Útil and a textile-based installation by artist Jorge González are on display for the duration of the Biennial. Both projects echo the social use of art and architecture that was pioneered by the Hull-House Settlement.